Socializing with horses – PETHRASTI estate | Ranch Chivas
Welcome to Ranch Chivas! If you want to try best riding experience in Croatia and improve your horse riding skills, you are on the right place. I can show you the best trails in mountain of north-west part of Croatia, where is served best homemade food,what to see or where to stay,all of that from saddle. Excellent experience for you and your horse. After this adventure your horse will be braver, smarter and stronger and you will be more relaxed rider.
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Socializing with horses – PETHRASTI estate

It was middle of summer , riding to beautiful family estate, surrounded by forest. Riding to Pethrasti estate was nice, thrue forest, accross streams and in little part thrue village. We came with horses to entertain guests. Everyone reacted excelent to horses, really wonderful!
Estate is in the middle of oak forest, far from any signes of civilization. Without noise , smog and mobile phone signals. With a light brezze , which alleviates strong summer sun . Our host prepared and served for us nice local food. We spent a day with beautiful people, had
fun with horses and dogs and more relaxing time, not bad, right ? In any case worth to try!