Family day at the farm Martincevic | Ranch Chivas
Welcome to Ranch Chivas! If you want to try best riding experience in Croatia and improve your horse riding skills, you are on the right place. I can show you the best trails in mountain of north-west part of Croatia, where is served best homemade food,what to see or where to stay,all of that from saddle. Excellent experience for you and your horse. After this adventure your horse will be braver, smarter and stronger and you will be more relaxed rider.
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Family day at the farm Martincevic

Love between horses and children is unbreakable. There is no words that can describe children happiness when they see horses. Every time when we pass through the villages,you can see and hear children as they are calling: horses, horses are coming. For that reason we always find a free time to spend a day with our little friends and their families. It was hot summer day and lots of kids wanted to try ride. Riding was free for everyone. Despite hot summer weather our horses: Calvados, Sokol, Spirit, Fico patiently carry on children and their parents. At the end of the day many off children get a new friend.