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Welcome to Ranch Chivas! If you want to try best riding experience in Croatia and improve your horse riding skills, you are on the right place. I can show you the best trails in mountain of north-west part of Croatia, where is served best homemade food,what to see or where to stay,all of that from saddle. Excellent experience for you and your horse. After this adventure your horse will be braver, smarter and stronger and you will be more relaxed rider.
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Welcome to Ranch Chivas


Enough connecting to wifi, mobile network or someone project? Do you want to reconnect to nature?  Come for reconnecting to forest, on mountain Ivanscica for two. Two riders, plus one guide and four horses is whole team. Two of you can enjoy in one or two days adventure in pure nature. If it is two days adventure we sleep in tents in forest. Interested?

Yes, interested
Antistress, Battery charging, Meditation

Antistress, Battery charging, Meditation

My name is Tom, owner of Ranch Chivas. I'm in love with nature, horses and a natural way of life. You can ride with me and my horses in beautiful, almost wild, preserved nature of north-west part of Croatia. While on trails you can drink spring water, enjoy the tremendous silence, and be surrounded by nature. After riding we will eat homemade food grown by the local people. For breakfast we can collect some forest fruits or take homemade products from local people, and prepare it under open sky.

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If you want custom adventure anywhere in Croatia just for you and your team, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can plan route and be your guide anywhere in Croatia. Organize accommodation for you and your horses and nice homemade meals. You can see beautiful mountains Papuk, Ivanscica or Velebit, park of nature Lonjsko polje or Plitvice lakes. We can be on tour from 3 to 10 days. For any questions contact me on +385 99 2468 004 or ranch.chivas@gmail.com

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